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Design and Communication

Rolling out policies and programs? Presenting a budget case to your CXOs? Engaging a consultant? Investing in HR Tech? Engage with us for ideas, solutions, recommendations, decks and creatives to lend your work an extra edge and some brownie points with your seniors and customers. We can also help with industry best practices, templates and format and tech recommendations. And you get to do these brain dates with like-minded and enthusiastic bunch of HR specialists at very reasonable costs.


 Tools, Guides and Kits Tools, Guides and Kits

Buy and download easy to understand HR concept notes (A Guide to Skip Level Meetings is a favourite across borders), process kits (Separation Kit, for example, is our most downloaded in this section), training content (Campus to Corporate is a bestseller) and simple excel based tools to meet your immediate needs of hiring, paying right, doing increments, and predicting attrition. They are either free downloads or nominally priced to address your day to day HR needs.

Our store works like a regular ecommece site. Browse and find products that suit your needs


Assessments Assessments

Don't have experienced HR members in your company who can conduct culture fit, job suitability and behavioural interviews for your candidates? Help is at hand. We can be your HR interview partners. Interviews are connected online either via chat or audio to evaluate against company-prescribed parameters. A detailed report with observations and recommendations is shared within a business day of interview being held. All assessments are carried out by senior consultants with a minimum of 8 years of hiring experience across a diverse range of jobs and industries. Senior leadership interviews are held by our partners and founders who have been talent scouts in marquee global firms.

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