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As HR digital transformation gains momentum, professionals and students alike are increasingly looking for resources and solutions online. The Shop, our online HR marketplace, aims to be their top preference and destination of choice. With 45% of our accounts being repeat users, we are well on our way. To present our members with a rich, diverse and comprehensive range of material we invite you to join this growing and active community.

Partner with us HR trainer

You have training modules on a host of technical and behavioural skills; concepts, frameworks and process flows that you have developed and implemented. They are ready-to-use, easy-to-customise. Let's have them on our shelves
Partner with us Software Developer
Software Makers

You have automated key HR processes and built user-friendly systems with twin expertise in how HR works and advanced user technology. Let your solutions be top of mind as our users choose their HR tech stack.
Partner with us Legal Eagles
Legal Eagles

You ensure that companies are on the right side of the law where their people processes are concerned. You even have handy compliance guides, ready reckoners of Labour Laws, guidelines and checklists.
Partner with us Program designers
Program Designers

You are a free-lancer. You have worked on some really creative projects. You have built tools and solutions ground up. Those ideas, delivery tips and employee response data will be of huge benefit to SMEs.

1 Share - tell us about the product or service that you have on offer. It could be an off the shelf product or request based service offering.

2 Describe - create an engaging description of the product or service. We also help you "productise" your offering. For inspiration click here.

3 Showcase - Add it to The Shop and get larger visibility and access to a network of HR professionals, business leaders and students. An additional stream of revenue and a platform for running digital campaigns!